Infrared Photos

Notice this woman's very cold hands and how the Infrared Photography captured her fingers (darker hue) from poor circulation due to Raynaud's syndrome. After tapping in Acupoint LI-4 (which moves blood in the entire body) on the dorsum of her hand, just proximal from the junction of the web margin of the thumb and index finger, observe how the point brightens to a yellow color. The change in color signifies an increase in blood and energy flow in this region of her hand. The Infrared (IR) technology shows warm areas via bright yellow coloration, indicating good blood circulation vs. dark regions, indicating poor circulation. Patients tend to feel more numbness, tingling or pain in areas with less circulation.

This image displays Acupoints surrounding cervico-thoracic vertebrae for upper back stiffness and pain following a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Ten minutes later, another Infrared photo was taken of the same area.

Observe the increased blood circulation in the paraspinal muscles in this image.

BL60 is an Acupoint near the outside ankle for back pain.

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