March 28, 2018

I discovered Julie Goss at Portland Veteran's Acupuncture Project, (PVAP) which treats veteran's for a large number of health issues. Though I was working on several health issues, I was mainly looking for relief from lower back pain. I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease including a fractured L5. My lower back pain was so intense and radiates out into my hips making it difficult to walk. I had previously tried; various pain relieving medications from large doses of ibuprofen to cymbalta, physical therapy treatment, pool therapy, pain management procedures inclusive of steroid blocks, all without results.

While receiving acupuncture treatment from Julie at PVAP it was very obvious that Julie was totally interested and involved in my care and healing. Several times Julie had expressed concern about my circulatory system from her detailed examination and questions. I responded to Julie's comments and concern regarding my circulation that I had a scheduled appointment with the Veterans Administration (VA) heart department. When I told Julie my appointment date, she said you have something serious wrong and that date is not soon enough. Julie contacted my VA general physician and informed her that I had a serious circulatory problem and needed to be seen right away. My VA general physician contacted me and instructed me to go to the VA emergency room to have my heart checked. I checked into the emergency and after several test I was informed that my right coronary artery was completely blocked. Since then I had a successful angioplasty. Julie cares about your health and will be an active health advocate for you. Julie may have saved my life. I'm sure it wouldn't have been the first life she saved.

I have received additional acupuncture treatments from Julie at Ageless Acupuncture. I continue to be amazed at Julie's thoroughness, interest and caring in her treatment. Julie has a vast knowledge of acupuncture and eastern medicine.

Richard N

Julie Goss of Ageless-Acupuncture, located in the LifeQual Center in Beaverton, is very passionate not only about the art of Chinese medicine with a focus in Acupuncture, but also in healing the whole body.  

Julie is a great listener when it comes your aches and pains, and is willing to help you with what might be “bugging deep down” which is manifesting into an ailment that you might not understand, or have tried western medicine to “fix it”. She is also an educator at heart. Every visit she explains what points she is going to apply and the reasons why. 

I have had acupuncture in the past and just got needles put here and there and never told why. Julie Goss allows you to have an understanding of every step of the treatment plan. After all, it’s your body she is healing.

- Katy Torrey

As a young adult struggling to manage an inflammatory auto-immune disease, I found that traditional Western medicine could not provide the relief I needed. Receiving treatment from Julie has given me relief from my symptoms and hope for the future. Through the application of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Julie's holistic approach to healing has helped to relieve the symptoms of Crohn's Disease, myofascial inflammation and immobility, and migraines, as well as aiding in stress relief and relaxation to align the balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Jenna S

My working relationship with Julie Goss of Ageless Acupuncture began two years ago. I recognize in Julie a dedication to her profession that is a blessing to all the people that come to her for help.

When I first met Julie, she had volunteered to do acupuncture for runners following a race. I was having problems with my feet going numb while I was running.

Julie’s work is thorough, wholistic and comprehensive. She has a deep cultural understanding of acupuncture and how body processes work in conjunction with each other.

Julie worked with me at the level that I was ready to work at, never pushing me beyond my measure of safety and comfort. Today, I am still running and walking and the numbness has decreased to a much more comfortable place. She was an advocate in my obtaining an MRI from my MD so that now there is a more complete understanding of what is causing the problem.

Julie worked with my partner who was dying of cancer. She had thorough knowledge of diabetes and cancer and was able to ease some of her suffering and assist her in finding levels of comfort.

I was and continue to be so impressed with her knowledge. Yet she recommends but never requires.

Julie has worked with me on a number of medical and emotional issues.

Julie has been an effective and untiring advocate with all my other medical professionals, verifying concerns that could then be managed effectively.

Julie was able to identify a skin cancer that other professionals had missed. I was able to get it removed before it became a larger concern.

When I look at the 2 year relationship I have had with Julie, I realize that every system in every part of my body has been dealt with in one way or another. To mention a few, we have worked on:

  1. back and spine
  2. allergies
  3. legs and feet
  4. concussion and brain function
  5. diet and exercise
  6. digestion
  7. emotions and grief

Julie understands how emotions impact overall health. She has significantly helped me with my grief surrounding my partners’ death as well as the impact of caring for others who have their own depth of needs.

I would certainly recommend her to anyone as a health care professional who will comprehensively address every aspect of one’s medical needs. I know that you will greatly benefit from incorporating her in to your health care regimen.

Krystal Ashling – June 2016

I was diagnosed with two concussions, one in September 2014 and another in March 2015. A good friend who has had concussions suggested I start seeing an acupuncturist, as this was the only thing that helped cure her of migraine headaches.

I started seeing Julie immediately. She made me tea and we talked about all the issues I was having regarding the concussions; migraine headaches, light sensitivity, muscle aches (especially in my neck), mental fatigue, stress (due to having to leave the coast and return home to my parents in Portland to recover), and digestive issues I was having due to the stress and memory loss. We talked not only about my physical well-being but also about my mental and spiritual well-being.

After the first session, I left feeling my whole body was lighter and my migraines were less intense. Throughout our time together, Julie discussed with me the importance of making dietary changes in my life specifically abstaining from inflammatory foods, gluten and dairy. She suggested using essential oils such as sweet orange to give myself neck massages and elevate my spirits. We talked about relationship issues that were affecting my life in a negative way. She encouraged me to step back from the relationship and to work on my personal growth and recovery from the accident.

Julie is a very compassionate woman and I felt I could be very open with her and tell her what my issues were so she could give me the best acupuncture session to fit my mental, spiritual and physical needs. I was able to fully recover from my migraines, light sensitivity and strain in my neck. I left Julie feeling my stress and anxiety significantly reduced. I am able to do the activities I love again and I won the Women’s Longboard Surf competition in Pacific City, Oregon in September 2015.

Charlene M. – January 2016

My name is Kate, and I had a motor vehicle accident in February (2013). 
Although it wasn't a huge accident I hurt my shoulder pretty bad. My doctor
sent me to physical therapy, but after 8 weeks or so of 2 appointments and
countless hours of driving there, waiting, and being worked on I realized
that it wasn't working and I was wasting my time and efforts.

My husband had seen Julie several times before for various aliments with
excellent results, so I decided to give her a try for my shoulder...maybe
she could help!?

Help she did! Julie came to my house (which I LOVE) on a weekly basis and I must say that after the very FIRST treatment I could already tell that this
was the right action for me to take to the road to healing—I felt better
that very day! My shoulder is so much better thanks to her!

Julie is professional, warm and friendly, smart as all get out and fabulous
at what she does! She is truly a healer, and I (and my husband) are so
thankful for everything she has done for us. We will continue to be her
clients for anything that might arise over the years because she's awesome
and her methods of acupuncture works!!!!

Kate T. - January 2015

My name is Gene Mask. I am a US Marine Vietnam veteran and also a liver transplant recipient.

I met Julie Goss where she volunteers, at the Portland Veterans Acupuncture Project, which treats veterans for PTSD and pain.

I was able to get relief at the PVAP for my PTSD and some pain issues. At that time I felt that more intense treatment one-on-one with Julie might help with my neuropathy. Since my transplant in 2000 I have suffered from chronic peripheral neuropathy, a rare side effect from the immunosuppressants that I have to take. The pain I have in my feet and legs has multiplied several times since my transplant, to a point that it not only affects me, but everyone around me. The pain would start in the morning when  I would wake up with a burning tingling in my feet and escalated its way to a point where it felt like I was standing on hot charcoals. It was so severe I couldn't even fall asleep till I was completely exhausted.

I wasn't a big believer in acupuncture, but after trying every other remedy for pain I had  no where else to go. Thankfully, I met Julie. She has been able to do what no pain clinic, podiatrist, heat, ice, massage, narcotics, rest or exercise could do. After my initial consult and first treatment with Julie I was feeling some relief. After four visits, the burning in my feet has stopped. It is great to sleep at night.

I also had stinging pain in my lower left leg. A couple days after the stinging my leg became sore, like I had pulled a muscle. At times it was very painful to walk. After having Acupuncture and then applying Rosemary Tincture Lotion for a couple nights I have not had any more stinging feeling and the soreness in the lower leg is gone.

I have never met a person that understands your body and knows how to heal you like Julie. I would recommend Julie and Ageless-Acupuncture to everyone.

Gene M. - November 2014

In December of 2012, I entered an alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility
for a 90 day stay. During this time, I had the absolute pleasure and
good fortune of meeting Julie Goss, L.Ac. The first contact I had with Julie
was in a mandatory weekly Qi Gong class provided by the facility.

I wasn't sure what to expect, having never heard of it, so I enteredwith an open mind but left with an open heart. Qi Gong quickly becamesomething that I eagerly anticipated and due to Julie's innate ability toimpart the essence of the exercise, I found that I used Qi Gong in my dailylife. 

A few weeks into my stay, I signed up for acupuncture, which was alsoprovided by Julie, but at the discretion of the client. The constant andsevere pain in my foot, caused by a surgery gone wrong, was what brought me to the point of needing drug treatment. I became dependent on oral painmedication so I was very curious to see if I could at all be helped byalternative medicine.  When I entered the treatment room, I was immediatelyat ease and within 15 minutes of sharing my medical history I felt that Ihad been attentively listened to. The treatment itself was calming and soothing to body, mind and soul. Afterward, Julie gave me aftercare instructions and explained in detail why the pain had gotten so severe andwhat I could do to help. I have since followed the instructions and cannot believe the difference. The days after my first acupuncture, I was amazed bythe feelings in my foot and that they were all good feelings! My pain level now is rarely above a 3 on the pain scale. I have been seeking care for this problem for 9 years and have never before been treated with such kindness, consideration and respect, not to mention the concern for my overall well being.

Although I spent 90 days in treatment and attended classes from 9 am-6 pm seven days a week, I've come to realize that the only "tools" I use on a daily basis are the mindfulness teachings of Qi Gong and the incorporation of mind and body that I learned through acupuncture. I find that I recall Julie's words of wisdom frequently and that what I recall tends to be applicable to the situation. 

Julie is truly a kind and giving healer and I will continue to see her and to avail myself of her services. I am thoroughly convinced that what I learned from Julie has kept me healthy and going in the right direction, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Stephanie D. - July 2013

My back and neck were out so bad I could hardly move. I saw Julie for acupuncture and she healed me. I now see her on a regular basis.

Lori M. - May 4, 2013

I am a professional musician. The morning after playing a performance last November I suffered the onset of an inflamed sciatic nerve in my right lower back and right leg. It became so debilitating that I could not lie down, stand, sit or move without unbelievable pain. I saw my MD and all he could do was prescribe Oxicodone and a muscle relaxer. The medication he prescribed did nothing for the pain and kept me awake and euphoric. I found some Naproxin 500 that a doctor prescribed for a prior surgery which worked only slightly better. I was on crutches for the better part of three months.  

I had a contract to perform at a New Years engagement which I could not easily get out of. I decided to try to perform at the engagement. My wife Sharon and I have known Julie and her friend Larry for quite some time and they were at the New Years event. Julie knew that I had endured this pain for several months. She also saw that I was experiencing a tremendous amount of discomfort at the end of the performance. She offered to give me an acupuncture and deep massage treatment the following morning. I had never had acupuncture prior to this and was willing to try anything. I readily accepted her offer. Julie arrived promptly at the arranged time the following morning. She started by asking me some questions about my physical being, diet, etc. and explained what her procedures were all about. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable and her friendly, professional demeanor made me feel confident that I was in good hands. With each acupuncture application, Julie explained what part of my body the bad energy was affecting and how it was being released. The acupuncture part lasted the better part of an hour. Then Julie applied deep muscle massage for the better part of another hour. The deep massage went directly to the source of the pain. She knew exactly where it was and how to reach it. When she was finished I was feeling no pain for the first time in three months. I can't tell you what a relief that was. She told me to rest for as long as I wanted to. She told me that on some occasions one treatment was all that was needed, but that in my case the pain may return after a while.

An hour later I got up and believe it or not, my wife and I went to some antique shops. About an hour into the antiquing, the pain started to return. My wife and I drove back to our home town. I started having marked improvement starting the very next day. I continued to slowly improve daily and I now feel +90% recovered. I can truly say, with all honesty, that Julie Goss's treatments had an immediate (as well as an ongoing) healing effect for my sciatic nerve inflammation and I highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing this type of pain.

Billy B. - July 30, 2012 

I had never experienced acupressure or acupuncture before.  However, I recently had the opportunity to experience both, thanks to Julie.

Towards the end of an all-day music event, I developed a severe headache that would just not go away. In passing, I mentioned my headache to Julie. After asking me a series of questions regarding my headaches location and intensity, Julie asked me to remove my shoe. Julie performed acupressure at several points on my foot to relieve my headache. While performing the acupressure, she explained what she was doing and why.  I found her narrative to be very informative and fascinating. Within approximately 10 to 15 minutes, my headache was completely gone! Having never experienced acupressure before I was stunned that my headache was now gone! The exact words that came out of my mouth were "this shit really works"

A funny note, prior to this event I had no idea Julie performed these services as her profession.  So when she asked me to remove my shoe it caught me by surprise! I am glad I did.

My other acupuncture experience with Julie occurred while I was on a trip to Portland. I had developed a severe pain and knot in my left neck and shoulder. The pain was so severe I could not turn my head. I had  tried ibuprofen and also had received two professional massages to try to relieve the pain; neither provided much comfort or relief. I was running out of options to relieve my pain. I had remembered Julie had told me she is a licensed acupuncturist. Not being very fond of needles of any kind, it took some courage for me to place the call to Julie for help. Thankfully I was able to reach Julie by phone. She agreed to meet me where I was staying to perform acupuncture to relive my neck and shoulder pain. Julie sensed I was nervous given the fact that I had never had acupuncture before. Prior to performing the acupuncture she took the time to explain the process to put me at ease and to keep me informed.  Julie asked how I was feeling every step of the way. The results were amazing! After suffering for a few days with my neck and shoulder pain once Julie had performed acupuncture I was now able to turn my head and sleep in other positions other than flat on my back as I had been doing. I have been  a carpenter for 27 years and have experienced my share of aches and pains. Thanks to Julie, I will not hesitate to seek acupressure and or acupressure to relieve my aliments in the future. 

A side note I was amazed how much I had learned just from these two experiences. I had no idea there were several points on the body that, through the use of acupressure and or acupuncture, could treat other parts of the body. Very cool!


TD Burge - July 30, 2012

I am always amazed at the lengths to which Julie will go to help make her patients healthy. When a hysterectomy launched me into menopause, I needed help with hot flashes. Julie sent me a Chinese herb that decrease their frequency and intensity. I live on the East coast, so seeing her regularly for treatment is not an option, but because of her influence I have been seeing an acupuncturist here and it has been a tremendous help. 

Julie's attention to detail and compassion for her patients, along with her patience and determination to get to the root of the problem ranks her a notch or three above most other acupuncturists! I highly recommended her.

L. Downey - June 18, 2012

As a 70-year-old long time arm-powered handcyclist with stressed and arthritic shoulders, I was suffering from both pain and limited range of motion in each shoulder. As I was planning another long handcycling trip, Julie suggested a treatment that combined electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxabustion, and deep massage. She agreed to make a series of house calls to increase the number of sessions with these various treatments. She also prescribed and brought Chinese herbs helpful for healing of my shoulders, as well as beef marrow and tendons from a high quality local butcher shop to be made into a vegetable stock as part of Chinese food therapy.

My shoulders have shown significant improvement in range of motion with less discomfort and pain. I now feel I will be able to embark on my next cycling adventure with joy and fluid motion of my arms and shoulders.

Julie is caring, professional and eclectic in her treatment. I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist who uses a variety of supplemental Chinese medicine treatments depending upon one’s healing needs.

Brian W. - February 2012

(Julie's note: Brian successfully hand-cycled his way from Portland to San Francisco without recurring injury.)

Working with Julie in healing myself has been a pleasure. From the first appointment I knew she was truly interested in finding the root cause and treating me as a whole person. She is warm, engaging and extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture, dietary issues, diabetes, women's health and the list goes on. I even love that she volunteers her time to treat veterans! I give her 5 stars and have referred several people to her. I always leave with a smile on my face and go into the day feeling fantastic, that is worth its weight in gold.

L. B. Graham - June 7, 2011

I made an appointment to visit Julie because of a pulled muscle in my back.  I had never had acupuncture before and was not sure what to expect.  Getting “poked” by needles is not something I enjoy. 

Julie’s made sure that I understood everything she was doing and I hardly noticed that she was inserting the needles.  And then the massage, I cannot even explain how wonderful that was. 

I left her office so relaxed, calmed and pain free.  I did not have to take any more medication for my strained muscle.  It was truly an enjoyable experience and would highly recommend her to anyone.

GaSandra C. - July 12, 2010

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